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Anthony Avalos and a cousin

Family of Murdered Boy Anthony Avalos Wants More Than a Guilty Verdict

The murdered child's family and prosecutor Jon Hatami want the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services to be reformed

An Intense Look Back at the Griffith Park Fire of 2007

Los Angeles experiences more wildfires than any other American city

10 Intense Southern California Trails For Avid Hikers

If you provide the boots and the gumption, we’ll get you there. A secret waterfall. A lost mountain city. A wild river gorge. Time to hit the trail

Remembering Dave Dutton, and Dutton’s Books

Editor-in-Chief Mary Melton’s farewell to the bookstore and its beloved owner

A Shot In The Dark: The Unknown Story Behind L.A.’s Most Celebrated Photograph

Architect Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House No. 22 was unlike anything ever constructed

Sex, Drugs, and Textbooks: Inside L.A.’s Most Controversial Educational Experiment

Uni High tapped into the pop-psych teachings of the '70s to create one of the most bizarre curriculums of the era

The End: What Really Happens After You Die?

Death in L.A. can be an odd undertaking
Suzanne Rico

The Road Taken

How an around-the-world adventure taught a former newscaster lessons about what it means to be home

The Cop Whisperer

No filmmaker has captured the LAPD like writer-director David Ayer, whose latest, End of Watch, delves into the inner lives of those who protect and serve

Chefs of the Year

//Fasten your aprons—this could get delicious. The 20 recipients of our first-ever Chef Awards won for more than just their exceptional cooking. Over the past 12 months they...