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Fate of FBI Agent Accused of Moonlighting for Armenian Mob Now in Jury’s Hands

Testimony about coke-fueled sex romps, boozy Beverly Hills dinners, Vegas party houses, private jets, & dirty money funneled to Governor Gavin Newsom

Fake Lawyer Testifies Royal Bad Boy Got Demerol Fix From L.A. Dentist

The government’s star witness in the corruption trial of a former FBI agent says he facilitated ”the Sheikh” and his drug addiction

FBI Agent’s Corruption Trial Becomes Thorny Reunion as “Lawyer” Testifies

Babak Broumand, on trial facing allegations related to moonlighting as security for the Los Angeles Armenian Mafia, saw Edgar Sargsyan for the first time in four years

In FBI Agent’s Trial, Prosecutors Want Confession of “Lawyer” Hidden From Jury

LAMag reported the bombshell confession from the government’s star witness—an admitted mobster who lied about passing the California Bar for years—on the eve if the blockbuster trial