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I Can’t Believe They’re Not McDonald’s Fried Apple Pies

The bizarre story of how chef Eric Greenspan got his mitts on an extinct fast food favorite

On-the-Go Eats for the Fast-Food Queasy

Ditch the fries and super-size these surprisingly nutritious options

Today, Fast Food Workers Go on Strike Across Los Angeles

Lines at drive-thru windows are especially long today as workers fight for higher wages.

The Mystery Of The Missing (Giant Neon) Hat

Vintage Arby's sign was destined for a museum

Dunkin’ Donuts Coming to Los Angeles

O frabjous day! Dunkin' Donuts is coming our way! Callooh! Callay! The company is looking to open L.A. franchises in 2015.

The McRib Returns and a Small Piece of Me Dies on the Inside

As the McRib sandwich returns to L.A. today for a limited time, it's a strange reminder that pork, bun, tangy "BBQ" sauce, pickles, and onions can go dangerously wrong.