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Essential T: The Al Pastor Show at Los Güichos

One of L.A.’s top carnitas teams is a major-league double threat

Essential T: Steamed Brain Tacos at Tacos El Pelon

Tracking the beef-head trend in East L.A.

Essential T: Tacos Hamburguesa at Plan Check Downtown’s Happy Hour

Don’t call it a silly mashup, hamburger tacos are legit

Best of Essential T, 2014

A year with Sinaloan shrimp tamales and beef-head tacos eaten on hoods of cars is a year to remember

Essential T: Mushroom and Hearts of Palm Tostada at Tacoteca

Eastside meets Westside at Adam Fleischman's new Santa Monica restaurant and mezcal bar

Essential T: Taco Culichi at Los Tomateros

Enjoy Sinaloan-style shrimp while you wait for your wax, wash, and shine

Essential T: Mulitas at Tacos Tamix

The pragmatics of al pastor

Essential T: Ahi Tuna Tacos at Rivera

Chef John Sedlar’s new Oro y Plata menu further explores the flavors of the Pacific Rim

Essential T: Squid Taco at Taco Maria

Yes, chef Carlos Salgado sometimes makes tacos

Essential T: Tamales Barbones at Mariscos El Cristalazo

A former waitress raises the bar for traditional Mexican seafood In L.A.