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Essential T: Callo de Lobina at Mariscos Los Sitios

Splendid Sinaloan seafood emerges in Lincoln Heights

Essential T: Tortas Chilangas at Tortas Gigantes El Monje Loco

L.A. steps up its torta game one stand at a time, and Mid-City is the latest area to get a taste

Essential T: Tacos Gabriel’s Way at Tacos Way

Taco mogul Gabriel Barajas is ready to take the taco life worldwide---a music video can only help

Essential T: Mole Casero con Corundas at Restaurante Las Michoacanas

Meet corundas, the star of Michoacan’s tamal culture

Essential T: Foie Gras Tacos at Chef Wes Avila’s Guerrilla Tacos

Street food meets fine dining at the celebrated food truck

Essential T: Rabbit, Quail, and Chicken Necks at Mama Gallina

L.A.’s largest Mexican-style rotisserie goes well beyond roast chicken

Essential T: Blue-Corn Tlacoyos at Sabores de Chalma

Devotees make the Sunday pilgrimage for masa

Essential T: Torta Company’s Torta de Chilaquil

The only thing better than chilaquiles is chilaquiles in a sandwich

Essential T: The State of Regional Birria in L.A.

It's always the year of the goat in Los Angeles, home to the most diverse birria specialization in the world

Essential T: Stop the Presses, Burritos La Palma Introduces Mexican Burritos to L.A.

A traditional burrito stand from Jerez, Zacatecas, opens its first U.S. branch in El Monte