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How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree Properly

So it becomes part of the city's free mulch program

Happy Fish Are Fueling a Battle to Preserve Offshore Rigs as Artificial Reefs

’Platform habitat is preferred to natural habitat’

With Garcetti’s Lead, L.A. Hops on Electric Avenue

A battery-powered auto fleet is on its way
geothermal power

The City of L.A. Is Selling Its Interest in Arizona Coal Power Plant Ahead of Schedule

Call it a plant-based solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Car Colors That Keep You Cool(er) in This Heat

Leave dashboard baking to the pros

Eric Garcetti Shoots for the Moon With His New Sustainable City pLAn

A bike-sharing program with at least 65 stations! 20,000 green jobs! Food stamps at farmers' markets!

Author Spotlight: Ted Danson

If you were Ted Danson at the end of the 11-year run of Cheers in 1993, you might have just wanted to find a beach and put your feet...

25 Ways to Go Green Without Going Insane

Green may be the new black, but let's hope not. Reducing pollution and conserving natural resources has to be more than a trend.