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Inside the Best (and the Rest) of This Year’s Many, Many Emmy Parties

Hollywood crams a lot of hors d'oeuvres into four days
phoebe waller-bridge

Hollywood Really Loves Phoebe Waller-Bridge

The "dirty, pervy, angry, messed-up" Brit helped Amazon have a hell of a night

Understated vs. Over-the-Top: The Best and Worst Emmys Fashion

Gwendoline Christie's medieval moment, Zendaya's corset, Billy Porter's asymetrical chapeau, and more
emmy parties 2019

As the TV Landscape Changes, the Emmy Party Scene Is Changing Too

A guide to the ever-dwindling number of fêtes on television's big night
emmylessdonald joshua trump sleeping boy state of the union trump bullying last name trump

#EmmylessDonald Is Trending Because, Well, Donald Trump Has Never Won an Emmy

He has a lot of opinions about the Emmys, but no awards of his own
emmys host 2019

Who’s Hosting the Emmys This Year? Maybe No One

With noms out this morning, insiders say the Emmys could go the way of the Oscars
emmy nominations 2019

And the 2019 Emmy Nominees Are …

HBO shines and the streamers continue to make major inroads

These Are the Unsung Heroes of the 2016 Emmys

You think you know, but you have no idea

The Emmys Are Finally Worth Paying Attention To

TV is in its golden age, due, in part, to powerful female leads

The Emmys: An Abridged History

Where did the name “Emmy” come from anyway? And how heavy is that statuette?