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2014 Emmy Awards: Battle Of The Retro Superstars

I’ll be rooting for the folks who could have won their first award 50 years ago and might be taking home a second tonight

The Emmys: Five People We Hope to See on the Winner’s Walk

C’mon Fallon! Our Seen Queen makes totally unscientific predictions on who she hopes to see backstage

And the 2014 Emmys Nominees Are…

Who got love, who got the brush-off, and how our predictions held up

Dessert Doppelgangers: Delicious Dresses at the 2013 Emmy Awards

Sequins, sprinkles—what's the difference?

Choreographer Warren Carlyle: The Odd Man Out

This lone voice among the choreography nominees is enthusiastic about everything, except that he’s unable to attend the awards.

Choreographer Mandy Moore’s Modest Devotion

The choreographer talks about her process, her concepts (or lack thereof), and how she doesn’t care if she wins the Emmy.

Emmy Watching Parties: Why Aren’t There Any?

Television is the new cinema, the new rock and roll, and the new black. So why do the Emmys lag so far behind the Oscars when it comes to viewing parties?

10 Emmy Awards That Should Exist

Forget Best Drama Series or Best Actress in a Comedy. How about Best Excuse to Bare Your Midriff in a Period Drama or Best Show You're Not Watching?

The Emmys: Special In Memoriam Tributes

James Galdolfini, Gary David Goldberg, Cory Monteith, Jean Stapleton and Jonathan Winters will get special In Memoriam tributes at Sunday’s Emmy Awards