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Elon Musk’s Pizzeria Power Play

Amid his takeover of Twitter and juggling fallout from Space X incidents, the billionaire apparently still has his sights set on an L.A. landmark

Elon Musk’s Kid Changes Name in Bid to Cut Ties with Dad

"I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form," says Vivian, formerly Xavier

SpaceX Jettisons Workers Who Say Elon Musk is an Embarrassment

“We have too much critical work to accomplish and no need for this kind of overreaching activism,” said SpaceX enforcer Gwynne Shotwell

Elon Musk Talks to Twitter Workers as SpaceX Says Shut Up Already

SpaceX workers say Musk is PR poison as he informs Twitter drones that cost outpacing revenue is "not a great situation" for a real company

Bowing to Elon Musk, Twitter Lets Him Access its Tweet Stream

In an effort to salvage the Elon-Twitter acquisition, the social media platform has agreed to provide Musk with access to billions of tweets

Elon Musk Says Twitter’s Dodging Spambot Issue, Threatens to Bust Deal

In a letter to Twitter Monday, an attorney for embattled billionaire Elon Musk claimed that Twitter is “is actively resisting and thwarting his information rights” by holding back data...

With ‘Super Bad Feeling’ About Economy, Elon Musk Halts All Tesla Hiring

Meanwhile, Tesla is spooked by more than 750 car owners who say their vehicles suffer from "phantom braking" and the Feds are investigating

Twitter Execs Duck Musk, Free Speech Questions at Shareholder Meeting

Twitter leaders bobbed and weaved as investors asked about their favorite billionaire troll, but the questions just kept on coming

Elon Musk Halts Twitter Deal to Investigate Fake Accounts

”Still committed to acquisition,” Musk tweeted, but first he wants to make sure that the platform isn't just a haven for mindless spambots

Top Twitter Execs Sacked As Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Purchase Looms

As Elon Musk’s takeover looms, Twitter's already undergoing a major shakeup as two key execs were axed this week—one while on paternity leave