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Daily Brief: 6th Street Bridge Closed For Third Straight Night

Also, what can we learn from the victories of Mexico’s abortion rights activists?

Musk Denies Affair with Google Founder’s Wife, Claims No Sex ‘in Ages’

Elon Musk denies a dalliance with his friend's wife, lamenting via tweet that he hasn't dallied with anyone, anywhere in forever

Elon Musk’s Dad Says Colombians Want His Sperm for Elon Army

Errol Musk claims firms in South America want to connect him with “high-class” women seeking to create Baby Elons with his genetic material

Elon Musk v. Twitter Trial: Battle of Online Evermore Set for October

The five-day trial will begin this fall in Delaware with Twitter claiming it has nothing at all to do with those pesky spambots
twitter app trump iphone

Remain Calm: Twitter’s Back Online After Longest Outage in Years

For almost an hour on Thursday, millions of people had no way of knowing what nonsense millions of strangers were thinking about

Daily Brief: Garcetti’s Nomination Has Its First Birthday, Musk Trolls Twitter Over Sale

Also: 7-11 robbery spree leaves at least two dead and two wounded; Snoop Dogg trolls President Biden

Elon Musk Trolls Twitter for Threatening to Sue Over Busted Deal

Funtime billionaire and would-be corporate raider Musk poked some holes in the social media outfit's legal reasoning

Elon Musk is Officially Trying to Ditch His Twitter Dream Deal

Musk says Twitter never soothed his spambot fears, but to others it could seem as if the company did just what he asked

Elon Musk Has Another Pair of Twins, Expanding Empire with Top Exec

Elon Musk has reportedly welcomed twins with Shivon Zilis, an AI genius at his human-computer mind-meld firm, Nueralink

Twitter Board is Over the Moon for Elon Musk Deal

The board unanimously approved being taken over by the SpaceX boss, but he says there's “still a few unresolved matters”