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tesla recording drivers data privacy cars

Your Tesla Is Watching–and Recording–You All the Time

From logging location and speed to snapping video of locations and bystanders, every Tesla is a mobile data mine
elon musk bel-air houses

Forget Mars, Elon Musk is Colonizing Bel-Air

The billionaire has a thing for the tony enclave

Get a Glimpse of the Newest (and Most Affordable!) Tesla

The long-awaited Model 3 makes a public debut in L.A.

Elon Musk Is Dead Serious About Building a Freeway Under Los Angeles

He just released a video of the electric sleds that will transport cars from Westwood to LAX in five minutes

Inching Ahead with Hyperloop

Elon Musk has steered clear of trying to realize his vision for tubular transport, but now his company SpaceX is hosting a pod-building competition

What’s Happening at Tesla?

Sales down, but stocks up. Here’s why
Forbes 400

Meet the 26 Local Billionaires Who Made the Forbes 400

Elon Musk, Eli Broad, and Steven Spielberg are among Los Angeles’ richest