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kevin de leon mayor

Councilman Kevin De León Joins the Mayor’s Race: ‘We Can’t Go Back to the Old Normal’

The former President of the State Senate talks about what inspired him to run
jessica lall

‘I’m an Outsider with Insider Experience’: A New Candidate Jumps into the Race for Mayor

Jessica Lall, CEO of the Central City Association and a working mom, is the first major non-City Hall candidate to throw her hat in the ring

Why the Race for L.A. County Sheriff Is One to Watch in the Lead-Up to 2022

Early flare-ups between Sheriff Alex Villanueva and former chief Eli Vera have grabbed attention, but there's a lot more to keep an eye on in the coming months
joe buscaino

Can a Blustery Former Cop Become L.A.’s Next Mayor?

Controversial councilman Joe Buscaino has emerged as a surprisingly strong contender in the 2022 mayoral race. Will he be L.A.’s answer to New York City’s Eric Adams, or will progressives take him out?
Eli Vera

Alex Villanueva Demoted a Chief Who’s Challenging Him in the Race for Sheriff

Following a sudden demotion to commander, 30-year department vet Eli Vera says he believes Sheriff Villanueva is retaliating against him for political reasons
karen bass

Karen Bass’s Mayoral Momentum Is Building

There are more indicators that the highly regarded Congresswoman could blow up the 2022 Los Angeles mayor’s race
eric garcetti president los angeles

In City Elections, More Money Doesn’t Always Mean a Big Victory

The fundraising race is on for 2022, but Los Angeles has seen numerous instances where an outfunded candidate finishes on top
karen bass

Has the Door Just Swung Wide Open for Karen Bass to Be Mayor of Los Angeles?

Will she or won't she run? That's still not clear, but it seems a lot of people want the congresswoman to run in the 2022 election
mark ridley-thomas

Exclusive: Mark Ridley-Thomas Will Not Run for Mayor of Los Angeles

The councilman will focus on addressing homelessness instead of throwing his hat in the ring, but says Rep. Karen Bass would be a ”very compelling candidate” for the job
mitch o'farrell city council

How Are the City Council Races Shaping Up? An Early Look at the Fundraising Figures

Part two of our deep dive into candidate cash flow explores city council races across town