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ca-25 katie hill

Rep. Mike Garcia Challenged to Return Campaign Donation from Matt Gaetz

Rep. Gaetz is the subject of an investigation into allegations of sex trafficking and public corruption
ca-25 katie hill

Democrat Christy Smith Is Running for Katie Hill’s Former Seat—Again

The assemblywoman launched her campaign with an ad that paints her competitor, incumbent congressman Mike Garcia, as pro-insurrection
faisal gill

Civil Rights Lawyer Faisal Gill Enters the Race for L.A. City Attorney

Gill, who’s representing Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancee in her suit against the Saudi Crown Prince, is running to succeed Mike Feuer as the city’s top legal advocate
los angeles fraud

Fundraising Is Underway for the 2022 Local Races. Here’s Who’s In the Lead

Money isn't everything, but early totals give us a glimpse of races to watch, from mayor to city council