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katie porter congress

Orange County Rep. Katie Porter Is Elizabeth Warren’s Not-So-Secret Weapon in Iowa

The Iowa native is working overtime to help the chances of her friend and mentor
Rachel Rossi

Meet Rachel Rossi, the Progressive Ex-Public Defender Running for DA

“L.A. is ready to for a new kind of District Attorney, and a bold, transformative vision of justice,” she says
garcetti biden los angeles

Why the Mayor’s Presidential Pick Is So Very Garcetti

Backing Biden may not be the sexiest choice, but it could be the most pragmatic
ca 25 debate cenk uygur getro elize anibal valdez ortega christopher smith

The Democratic Party’s Pick to Fill Katie Hill’s Seat Wasn’t at Last Night’s Debate—but She Still Loomed Large

Christy Smith's absence from the stage was a major topic of conversation for her rivals to rep CA-25
marianne williamson

Marianne Williamson Has Pulled the Plug on Her Presidential Run

The niche candidate from L.A. expressed her "deepest gratitude" to her supporters, who were few and far between
garcetti biden endorsement

Mayor Eric Garcetti Has Endorsed Joe Biden for President

He will also serve as a national co-chairman of the Biden campaign
cenk uygur christy smith debate ca-25

A CA-25 Debate Will Take Place Thursday–Without the Top Dem in the Race

Frontrunner Christy Smith has to be in Sacramento for Assembly business
marianne williamson

Marianne Williamson Has Reportedly Canned Her Entire Campaign Staff

But the author isn't pulling the plug on her presidential run (yet)
omar navarro

Trump Bro and Failed Maxine Waters Opponent Arrested on Stalking Charges

Omar Navarro claims his ex-girlfriend violated Ronald Reagan’s ”11th commandment” by reporting him
kamala harris 2020 campaign

Kamala Harris Is Out of the Presidential Race

She informed staff in a conference call on Tuesday morning