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In Four Big Local Races, It’s on to Round Two

Results of the March 3 election (remember that?) have been finalized—here are four showdowns coming in November
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How Jackie Lacey Managed to Dominate the DA’s Race Despite Strong Opposition

Ballots are still being counted, but the controversial incumbent DA may get the votes she needs to avoid a runoff with a progressive challenger
voting problems election los angeles races to watch

L.A.’s New Voting System Is Getting Harsh Reviews after Super Tuesday Troubles

Long waits and tech glitches made for a less-than-super Election Day

Early Election Day Winners and Losers: City Council, the DA’s Race, and More

Some big names soared, others stumbled, and voters felt the pain of a new system
bernie sanders for president california primary

Bernie Sanders Wins the California Primary

Exactly how many delegates he'll claim may remain unclear for weeks
i voted sticker los angeles voter sticker election day deals campaign politics super tuesday

Super Tuesday Scenes from Around the Region

Take a peek in on polling places, celeb voters, and more

3 L.A. Psychics Give Us Their Reads on the Presidential Candidates

Sometimes America can't trust its gut, so we asked an intuitive energy therapist, a tarot reader, and an intuitive empath to weigh in
voting problems election los angeles races to watch

The 7 Most Interesting Local Races to Watch on Election Day

As voters cast their ballots, these city and county throwdowns bear watching
jackie lacey husband gun

DA Jackie Lacey’s Husband Pulled a Gun on Black Lives Matter Protesters

Activists were staging a small protest outside the couple’s home ahead of tomorrow’s hotly contested primary
pete buttigieg los angeles

Before He Dropped Out, Pete Buttigieg Reacted to the Issues Facing L.A. Here’s What He Said

How the South Bend mayor would have taken on ICE, homelessness, and more