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CityDig: El Niño Was a Whole Lot Worse in 1938

See the river on this map? Add 10 to 32 inches of rainfall over three days, and it becomes a rampaging torrent

With El Niño Here, the City Gets Proactive on Potholes

An effort is on to ensure our roads aren't wrecked this season

8 Times Los Angeles Struggled with El Niño’s Wrath Today

Runaway trash cans! Stranded Mini Coopers! Wet toes!

L.A. by the Slice: What Are We Thankful for This Year?

We finally got our song played on Art Laboe's Love Zone
El Niño

El Nino Is Coming. Here’s What That Means

As a stormy season looms, Los Angeles magazine staff recalls rainy days of yore

It’s On: Construction of the California Incline vs. El Niño

Workers are racing against the expected arrival of a very wet season

The Drought: The Dry Years to Come

Rain or no rain, if we don't start rethinking water, we're sunk

CityDig: Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Mount Lowe’s Enchanting Defunct Railroad

This 1913 map shows a railway that was even more enchanting than Angels Flight