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States That Took COVID Seriously Did Better Economically Than States That Didn’t

California outperformed states like Florida and Texas in terms of health outcomes too
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Here’s What the Pandemic Has Really Done to L.A.’s Economy

A new report details how the pandemic has impacted the region–and who has been hurt the most
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Amid a Health and Economic Crisis, Some Local Grocery Stores Offload Their Delivery Drivers

Albertsons Companies—which owns Vons and Pavilions—are looking to the gig economy instead
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Angelenos Are Less Satisfied Than People Elsewhere. Why and What Would Change That?

Several recent surveys and studies offer a glimpse at what's bumming us out
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Millions of Americans Are Unemployed. What Are Their Prospects for Getting Back to Work?

As economies begin to open up, experts are assessing the potential pitfalls for people looking to reenter the job market
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Less Than Half of L.A. County Residents Have Jobs Now, According to New Data

An estimated 1.3 million jobs have been lost in the county in a single month
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California Recession Fears Predated the Stock Market Plunge by Months

How much should Californians worry about the possibility of a coming recession?

Southern California Used to Carry the State Economy. Now the North Does. What Happened?

It wasn't long ago that both regions were economic equals

Houston Newspaper: ‘In the Texas vs. California rivalry, California is winning’

From the Department of News We Already Knew, But It’s Always Nice to Hear

Do Your Shoulders Hurt? Because California is Carrying the American Economy Right Now

State economy is larger than ever, rivals United Kingdom's in size