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Los Angeles’ Earthquake Response Plan Gets a Shakedown

The mayor's new proposal (otherwise known as Resilience by Design) could minimize destruction in the wake of the Big One

The Fault in Our Skyscrapers

The massive Millennium Hollywood construction project is off to a shaky start

MamaLA: Keeping Safe in a Quake

Devra Schwartz, a certified emergency manager, addresses some parent-specific concerns

What To Do If You Are Driving When an Earthquake Strikes

Turns out, you can’t race an earthquake – here’s what to do instead of trying to speed off

CityDig: Mapping L.A.’s Shaky Relationship With Earthquakes

Robert P. Masse and James W. Dewey are experts on determining epicenters and locating sources of quakes. This map gives a visual description of the destruction caused by the larger earthquakes that have struck greater L.A.

The Northridge Earthquake: “Like a Punch Delivered from Below”

It’s been two decades since the magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake shook Los Angeles to its core. Richard Andrews presided over the Herculean effort to make the city whole again