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A 4.0 Earthquake Rattled L.A. Monday Morning

The quake, which struck near Inglewood, hasn't resulted in any damage that's been reported
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A New Study Suggests the ‘Big One’ Might Be Less Destructive in L.A. Than We Thought

If geologist Kimerly Blisniuk's research is correct, some of the death and injury we've been bracing for in the L.A. Basin might be mitigated
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When It Comes to Natural Disasters, FEMA Says L.A. County Is the Riskiest Place in the U.S.

The federal agency's National Risk Index ranks more than 3,000 counties—and L.A. is on top
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Researchers Say a Big SoCal Quake Has Gotten More Likely, but Don’t Panic Yet

A new study features some scary odds, but seismologist Lucy Jones says the model isn't yet proven
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A 3.7 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles an Already Jittery L.A.

Because we didn’t have enough to worry about

Could All of Our Recent Rainstorms Cause an Earthquake?

Local seismologists respond to a theory being floated out of England

How to Get Your Car Earthquake Ready

Being in a hunk of moving metal doesn't mean you're safe
6th Street Bridge

Here’s What You Missed at the 6th Street Bridge Farewell Festival

The L.A. landmark will be demolished in January, so councilman José Huizar threw a major goodbye party
Halloween Costume Ideas

8 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Locals Only

L.A.-inspired outfits, plus how to pull them off

Really Though, A Major L.A. Earthquake Is Almost Certainly On the Way

A recent study from Jet Propulsion Laboratory has calculated the odds—and they are definitely not in our favor