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Jaw-Dropping Excerpts From the Guilty Plea of the DWP’s Former Leader

Department of Justice documents dig Into illegal activity by ex-General Manager David Wright
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Still in the Dark About the DWP Scandal? Here’s a Primer

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power corruption saga has been in the news again recently. Let's get caught up

New Attacks Ads Are the Latest Salvo in a Battle Between a Local Union and the Mayor

The union that reps most DWP workers is going after Eric Garcetti's plan to close a trio of power plants
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Everything You Need to Know About the FBI Investigation of the L.A. Department of Water and Power

There’s been a lot of FBI activity in City Hall lately. Let us catch you up on the latest scandal.

Space Savers: Meet the People Fighting to See the Past in L.A.’s Future

Experts weigh in on how historic places in Los Angeles will look in 2020 and beyond

A Handshake Makes It Official: Edendale Grill Is The New It Spot For Power Dining

Mayor Eric Garcetti brokered a deal with DWP union workers at the Silver Lake restaurant Wednesday night.