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10 Must-See Destinations Along Malibu’s Spectacular Coast

It’s some of the most beautiful—and highly contested—shoreline in Southern California

How an LAPD Officer Kept a Man from Becoming a Killer

In 1971, Dustin Hoffman’s cousin held an engineer at gunpoint at the famed Sound City studios. What happened next changed three lives
Susan Ciminelli

Skincare Secrets from Cindy Crawford’s Facialist

Guru Susan Ciminelli shares her tricks for attaining glowing, clear skin

Dame Judi Has Some Fun at the Britannia Awards

But does she really have a tattoo where the sun don’t shine?

La Cruda Report: Dustin Hoffman Takes Tequila to the Oscars (No, Not Tila.)

He likes to sip Patrón in his limo before the ceremony, but with all due respect, may we suggest this upgrade?
Dustin Hoffman

Autism: D-U-S-T-I-N

The actor won an Academy Award for playing Raymond Babbitt, an autistic savant, in Rain Man. Twenty-one years later, Dustin Hoffman reflects