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The Anatomy of a Great Big, Bouncy Blowout—and How to Make Yours Last

Who has time for regular blowouts? Get one every five days, and make it last

How Drybar, Alli Webb’s $58 Million Blow-Out Salon, Blew Up

Blow-out salons rack up profits as they change beauty culture for good

Follow the Leaders: Wise Words from Los Angeles Magazine’s Breakfast Conversation on Mentoring

We provided the bacon and eggs. Ford Motor Company Communications executive Debra Hotaling, Drybar founder Alli Webb, LAPD Sergeant Emada Tingirides, and Step Up CEO Jenni Luke provided the inspiration

The Big Business of Great Ideas

If Virginia is for lovers, L.A. is for visionaries. Editor in chief Mary Melton on our city’s entrepreneurial spirit

5 Questions for Alli Webb, Drybar’s Blowout Queen

Also, there's finally a Drybar in mid-city. Hallelujah!