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The State of California Is Sinking

Records are expected to hit an all-time high (low?) this summer

Steve Carell Wants You to Stop Wasting Water

The actor lends his voice to a new PSA starring L.A.’s unofficial mascot: The Drop
Los Angeles Times

In Defense* of Los Angeles Times Columnist George Skelton’s Defense of Lawns

The very nature of our democracy front yards is at stake

Mayor Garcetti Has His First Opponent, Apparently

You haven’t heard of Frantz Pierre, but it seems he’ll be running for mayor in 2017

I Didn’t Shower for a Week to Save Water

One man’s attempt to save a city from drought in seven days
Drought-Friendly Beauty Hacks

Drought-Friendly Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Shower Short but Sweet

H20-lite products will keep you feeling pampered during the drought

8 Guilt-Free, Water-Friendly Car Washing Tips

Don't let the drought wreck your ride