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Drought for Dinner: How Much Water Went into Your Pork Chop?

A lot, it turns out. That’s the challenge of, you know, eating

The Drought: The Dry Years to Come

Rain or no rain, if we don't start rethinking water, we're sunk

Not One But Two Experts Tell Us the Deal with Gray Water

Recycling water in your house can be a great way of conserving, but there are some catches

Here’s What the Hollywood Hike Sign Looked Like Before the Drought

Mount Lee’s greenery has dried up more than you realize

Drought Data: The Surprising Numbers Behind Household Water Use

So you think you’ve maxed out on the H2O you are able to save? A quick dive into the facts and figures might help you squeeze a few more drops out of your bill

Future Los Angeles Tops Wired’s Current Best Cities of Tomorrow List

San Francisco is the only other U.S. city featured in the magazine's annual Design issue

The Lessons of Route 66

Editor Mary Melton finds inspiration for California's future in an unlikely place: on the road
Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Is Going Brown Gracefully

The city better known for excess is going without water—and looking good
conserving water

L.A. by the Slice: How Are We Conserving Water?

Be warned, Sparkletts truck drivers

California Residents May Have to De-Green Their Yards, Here’s How You Can Spruce Yours Up

Soon, “going green” may mean almost no green at all