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Top Water Resources Official Quits Citing Newsom Drought Record

After years of service, a board manager has no faith in Newsom’s tactics, and warns his former colleagues that things will get much worse

Will a 45-mile Underground Tunnel Solve the SoCal Water Crisis?

Gov. Newsom on Wednesday revealed the plans for a new underground tunnel to transport water from the Sacramento River to Southern California

As Drought Lingers, CA Considers $1.5 Billion to Buy Farm Water Rights

The proposal comes as unprecedented water restrictions spread across the drought-stricken state just in time for summer fun

Forget the Drought, Experts Say CA has Lots of Water to Expand Forever

Part of a 60-year trend of Californians using less water, Angelenos now soak up 44 percent less water each year than they did four decades ago

Tom Selleck Accused of Wetting His Avocados with Other People’s Water

The water district near Selleck's ranch and avocado farm has filed a complaint saying he helped himself to 1000s of gallons that weren't his
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SoCal Gets Emergency Order to Limit Water Use During ‘Megadrought’

As California's drought worsens, the Metropolitan Water District has declared a water shortage emergency and implemented restrictions

Californians Ignore Newsom’s Plea to Cut Water Use Amid Drought

The governor previously pushed for the state to cut water use by 15 percent but Californians only saved less than one percent in February
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The Water Situation Is Bad, and Californians Are Barely Cutting Their Consumption

Amid a historic drought and an appeal to use 15 percent less water, SoCal only cut its consumption by .1 percent year over year in July
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Maps Illustrate Just How Bad the Drought Really Is

Scientists are tracking drought conditions that are worse than they've been in at least 20 years
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Much of L.A., Neighboring Counties Now in ‘Extreme Drought’ Conditions

According to a new report, much the region is experiencing ’extreme’–in some cases ’exceptional’–drought