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drought 2021

The Water Situation Is Bad, and Californians Are Barely Cutting Their Consumption

Amid a historic drought and an appeal to use 15 percent less water, SoCal only cut its consumption by .1 percent year over year in July
drought 2021

Maps Illustrate Just How Bad the Drought Really Is

Scientists are tracking drought conditions that are worse than they've been in at least 20 years
la river drought

Much of L.A., Neighboring Counties Now in ‘Extreme Drought’ Conditions

According to a new report, much the region is experiencing ’extreme’–in some cases ’exceptional’–drought
los angeles rain where does it go?

That Rain We Just Got? Most of It Went Right Down the Drain

L.A. had a particularly rainy winter, but most of it won’t be put to use
illegal fireworks la danger fourth of july

Conditions This Year Are Going to Make for an Extra Dangerous Fourth of July

Dry weather plus errant sparks could add up to disaster

UCLA Climate Scientists Have Bad News for Californians

Experts predict our "drought-to-deluge" swings are going to get even more intense

Silver Lake Reservoir Is Going to Be Refilled in April (Finally)

The LADWP suddenly has way more water on hand than it expected

This Insane Hole Is Pulling Water Out of a California Lake

The recent rains have activated Lake Berryessa’s unconventional flood control system

These Dramatic Photos of the Oroville Dam Crisis Show Why Officials Called for Mass Evacuation

Over 180,000 people in Northern California have been told to leave their homes

Half of the State Is No Longer in a Drought, So Now We Only Have to Worry about a Manmade Apocalypse

For the first time since 2014 no part of the state is in “exceptional drought”