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CityThinker: Meet Aaron Paley, Co-Founder of CicLAvia

As National Bike Month begins this week, the cycling-safety advocate reminds commuters that “we’re all in this together”

Cowabunga: Jeep Is the One and Only Car for the SoCal Coast

Between the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee, and the Wrangler Unlimited, the brand has the sea-and-surf market cornered

Adult-Proof: Road Trip Games That Are Too Hard for Grown-Ups

Warning: revisiting these backseat contests will not make you feel smarter than a 5th grader

Total Recall: The Joke’s on General Motors

The road from tragedy to scandal to punchline is a short one these days, with three high-profile GM-spoofing riffs that caught our eye last week. The merge of car engineering and popular culture is a rare one--here's a highlight reel

That’s the Spot: 3 Ways to Beat L.A.’s Crazy Parking Rules

How to make parking a little less horrible (and costly)

A Tale of Two Audis: Test Driving the RS7 and A3

The RS7 was designed for those with dough, but consider the A3 a gateway Audi

Life on the Streets: Five Things You Don’t Know About L.A. Driving

Turns out we are more hygienic and less expensive than we thought

Road Rage: Why L.A. is the “Hit-and-Run Capital of the Country”

If you hit someone with your car, you’d be the first to stop, right? Think again

Where to Drive This Weekend: Malibu

Beautiful scenery on the way, and lots to do once you get there

6 Ways to Battle “Commuter Butt”

Fitness instructor Cassey Ho shares exercises you can do in the car