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Carrie: The Musical

Carrie: The Musical Transforms Downtown’s Los Angeles Theatre

November dates will give the show a chance to be heard beyond all the Halloween hubbub
Angels Flight Railway

Angels Flight Railway Needs Your Help

Have fun at a downtown movie palace to help the 1901 train get back on track

Slide Show: Downtown’s Globe Theater Comes Back to Life

Councilman Jose Huizar hopes to bring nightlife back to Broadway
The Arts District

The Arts District Has a Lot on Tap

Arts District Brewing and Iron Triangle Brewing will soon join other beer hubs Downtown

See Nathan Marsak’s Rare Photos of Downtown’s Long-Gone Bunker Hill

The historian will illuminate the rise and fall of the grand downtown neighborhood

Spectacular! Spectacular! Free Night on Broadway Brings on the Theatrics

Long-shuttered movie palaces reopen for a wild night downtown, and you're invited

Gas Giants: Vintage Neon Signs Come Blazing Back To Life

A giant heart, a spinning globe, and a diving girl light up the night skies after decades in the dark

Is There Buried Treasure in Downtown Los Angeles?

Demolition work has uncovered a basement where art deco treasures are said to be stored

The Saint of Downtown Los Angeles

The afterlife has been one long journey for Saint Vibiana

Vote Yea or Nea for New Neon on Broadway

New standards will help the downtown strip get its glow back