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Despite the Numbers, Dov Charney Claims There’s No COVID Outbreak at Los Angeles Apparel

More than 300 employees of his L.A. garment factory have reportedly tested positive, but the CEO says the health department has it out for him

The Resurrection of Dov Charney

Life after American Apparel
American Apparel

American Apparel’s New Message Tee Says a Lot About the Company’s Re-Branding

The shirt supports undocumented Angelenos—and the retailer’s carefully crafted new image

You’re Welcome/We’re Sorry: L.A.’s Best and Worst Fashion Gifts to the World

When it comes to contributions to fashion history, Los Angeles has a lot to be proud of and (ugh) a few things we need to answer for

Skeevy is So Last Season

Six looks that foretold serious trouble at American Apparel