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A DoorDash Glitch Let Customers Feast on Free Food, Liquor, and More

After a brief hiccup in the food delivery matrix, people are sharing their hauls of free items and the memes they inspired on social media
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Delivery Apps Are Forcing L.A. Restaurants to Adjust to a Take-Out World—or Risk Starvation

As technology turns ordering in into the new dining out, many local restaurateurs are slinging food from "ghost kitchens" throughout the city

In-N-Out Is Suing DoorDash for Delivering Double-Doubles Without Permission

Permanent injunction with a side of fries, animal style

Bring It: How to Get Kogi, Gjelina, Guelaguetza, A.O.C., and Starry Kitchen Delivered

Doordash, OrderAhead, and Caviar redefine staying home for dinner