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Mouse Trapped: How Disney Became the Latest Casualty in America’s Culture Wars

Disney's new CEO was determined to steer the company away from partisan politics. Instead he's turned it into the unhappiest place on earth.

Now Republicans Want to Ruin the Sky Above Disney, Too

Republican Congressman Troy Nehls continues the conservatives' war with Disney with more proposed revenge legislation

Ron DeSantis’ Plan to Kill Disney’s Special Tax Kingdom Stymied

The Reedy Creek Improvement District says first Florida must pony up a billion dollars in outstanding bond debt

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Nixes Disney World’s Special Tax District

The new law will eliminate an independent tax district that allows Disney World—one of Florida’s biggest employers—to privately govern the land that it owns

Florida Senate Votes to End Disney World’s Self-Governance

The Reedy Creek Improvement District—the land outside Orlando on which Disney World sits—is an independent tax district that is also allowed self-governance

Disney Ignites ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Cultural Blowback

The heat is the highest in Florida, where politicians are using the moment to question Disney's privileged position in the state.

Conservative Protestors Demand Disney Boycott at Burbank HQ

The LGBTQ community feels that Disney isn’t doing enough to oppose Florida’s ”Don’t Say Gay” bill but conservatives think the Mouse House is folding to liberal extremism