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NYT’s Maggie Haberman Faces Backlash for Withholding Trump Threats

Trump said he simply would not leave office, among other secrets Haberman apparently saved for her book in October

Steve Bannon Arraigned on ‘Build the Wall’ Money Laundering Charges

The ex-Trump advisor and his We Build the Wall organization have been indicted on 6 counts for allegedly stealing $15 million

Trump Demands Neutral ‘Special Master’ to Eye Seized Mar-a-Lago Docs

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the National Archives found over 150 classified documents among evidence seized from Mar-a-Lago in January

‘MAGA Maniac’ Who Attacked Cincinnati FBI Office Was Ready for ‘War’

Ricky Walter Shiffer, the Ohio man who attempted to storm an FBI field office, appears to be fueled by MAGA paranoia

Joker Flies ‘Ha-Ha-Ha’ Banner Over Mar-a-Lago After FBI Raid

A member of the DNC spent good money to go airborne just to share with the world his delight at Donald Trump's latest legal troubles

Trump Says His Home is ‘Under Siege’ as FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago

Little is known about the FBI’s Monday execution of a search warrant at Donald Trump’s resort home, but he’s got plenty to say about it

Caught on Tape: Beverly Hills Jan. 6 Rioter Regrets Plea Deal

Gina Bisignano apologized for joining the Capitol attack, but told MAGA pals she's sorry for “getting in trouble," not so much the rest of it

Trump Hater Snoop Dogg Endorses ‘Sleepy Joe OG’ Cannabis Bags

The man who made “indo" a household word thought these weed pouches were hysterical enough to share with millions of his fellow stoners

Rosie O’Donnell on Roe v Wade, TikTok and Being Trump’s Foil

LAMag had a chance to catch up with the comedian, actor, activist and TikToker to dish out her thoughts on the current state of America.

Users at Trump’s Truth Social Say Jan. 6 Posts Got Them Banned

Last week, Trump’s ”free speech” social media platform purportedly banned users, who were surprised that Trump house rules always favor Trump