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The U.S. Will Start Banning New TikTok Downloads on Sunday

As officials review a potential deal with Oracle, the Trump administration ramps up its spat with the China-based app
jacob wohl

Republican Hoaxster Jacob Wohl Accused of Helping Orchestrate a Fake FBI Raid This Morning

The FBI says it didn't stage a raid at GOP conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman's home this morning, contrary to Burkman's claims

The West Is on Fire. Trump Hasn’t Bothered Mentioning It

It's been weeks since the president told California to clean its forest floors

During Quarantine, These Three Brothers Hatched a Plan to Defeat Trump in November

The Meiselas brothers' MeidasTouch viral videos became a sensation—and now they've got their sights set on swing states
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Donald Trump’s Presidency Has Been Stranger Than Any Fiction Hollywood Has Whipped Up

Actors from Morgan Freeman to Jack Nicholson have portrayed the American president, but no imagined scenario has been as unhinged as our current reality
gop california

The GOP Hopes Bashing California will Divert from National Trump Fatigue

Stoking anxiety by pointing to a supposedly lawless, socialist cesspool on the West Coast is becoming a tried-and-true tactic on the right
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Ratings-Fixated Donald Trump Lags Behind Joe Biden

The incumbent's acceptance speech was less watched than his Democratic opponent's
mueller hearing adam schiff opening statement

Adam Schiff’s House Panel Makes Its Latest Move to Dig In to Trump’s Deutsche Bank Dealings

Investigators reportedly hope records will reveal whether Trump has financial ties to foreign governments
kimberly guilfoyle california

At RNC, Gavin Newsom’s Ex-Wife Kimberly Guilfoyle Paints California as a Hellhole

The former Fox News personality—and current girlfriend of Don Trump Jr.—shouted a speech that used California as a cautionary tale
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Where Kanye West Will and Won’t Be on the Presidential Ballot

Wisconsin, Ohio, and Illinois are the latest states to crush the rapper’s presidential dreams