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Trump’s EPA Has Slashed Obama Era Pollution Standards for New Cars

As the world grapples with a respiratory illness, the administration lowers air pollution regulations for automakers
gavin newsom california national guard border state of the state address

Gov. Gavin Newsom: ‘We’re Not Waiting Around for the Federal Government’

On 'The Daily Show,' California's governor talked broken ventilators and the establishment of the California Health Corps
megxit news meghan markle prince harry los angeles

Trump Says U.S. Won’t Pay for the Security Meghan and Prince Harry Never Asked For

In case freeloading former royals were high on your list of concerns this week...

Guests of a Disco Birthday Party at Trump’s L.A. Golf Course Catch the Coronavirus

At least five have tested positive for COVID-19 after celebrating former Rancho Palos Verdes mayor Susan Brooks's 70th
adam schiff acquittal senate

Another Trump Supporter Has Been Arrested for Threatening to Kill Adam Schiff

The Connecticut man is at least the third person charged with threatening the L.A. congressman with death
shen yun trump

Inside the Shadowy World of Shen Yun and Its Secret Pro-Trump Ties

The touring dance extravaganza's parent organization is reportedly spending big bucks to promote the president on Facebook
democratic debate ratings 2020

The Nevada Dem Debate Had More Viewers Than the Grammys or Globes

Bloomberg's first trip to the debate stage got big ratings
julian assange dana rohrabacher

Former O.C. Congressman Rohrabacher Admits He Dangled Pardon to Get Info from Assange

But the Republican claims Trump was unaware of his offer
donald trump protests

Oracle Boss Larry Ellison’s Coachella Valley Trump Fundraiser Protested by Employees and Locals Alike

Trump encountered opposition—and some supporters—upon arriving in Rancho Mirage on Wednesday
trump traffic mueller report 2020 donald trump

Expect Trump-Related Traffic in L.A. Today

Donald Trump is in town to fundraise and meet with Olympics organizers