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In California Visit, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Mocks Liberal “Woke Mind Virus”

Speaking at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library, the presumed GOP presidential candidate touted his achievements and slammed the left

Trump White House Demanded Delete of Chrissy Teigen ‘Pussy Ass’ Tweet

When President Donald Trump took issue with a Chrissy Teigen tweet calling him a “pussy ass bitch,” his minions pressured Twitter to remove it

Donald Trump’s Election Lawyer Threatened With Disbarment in California

In a move to have him disbarred, the State Bar of California has filed 11 misconduct charges against John Eastman, former President Donald Trump’s election lawyer, accusing him of...

Facebook and Instagram Welcome Back Troll King Donald Trump

Reconsidering its decision two years later, Facebook and Instagram parent Meta has allowed onetime POTUS Donald Trump back into its fold

Kanye Took Far-Right Racist Nick Fuentes to Mar-a-Lago! Wait, Who?

Nick Fuentes, former child star of the arch right, went with Kanye West to meet Trump, and the media’s livid over the young monster

Elon Musk Plugs Trump Back Into Twitter, But Coy Donald Resists Wooing

Elon Musk might have thought bringing Trump back to Twitter would be momentous, but it's been lose-lose so far

It Continues: Trump Declares 3rd Run for President, Make ‘Glorious’ U.S.A.

Announcing his 3rd bid for the Republican nomination and the presidency, Donald Trump hopes America's down to clown one more time

Ghislaine Maxwell Feels Sorry for Prince Andrew, But Is Grateful for Trump

In Maxwell’s first prison interview since her arrest, she also says lots of women can identify with her choice of bad boyfriend

New York A.G. Sues Donald Trump And His Kids For Business Fraud

A lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General seeks to recover $250 million from Donald Trump and his children after fraud allegations

NYT’s Maggie Haberman Faces Backlash for Withholding Trump Threats

Trump said he simply would not leave office, among other secrets Haberman apparently saved for her book in October