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8 Delicious Leap Day Deals That You Can Still Take Advantage of

Leap Day only happens once every four years, you might as well eat up

Cool Collaboration: Fosselman’s Is Now Making Soft Serve for Dog Haus

Chase your upscale hot dog with a new creamy treat from the iconic Alhambra ice cream shop

How to Break Your New Year’s Resolution in Six Minutes Flat

Entering Dog Haus' Slider Eating Contest seemed like a good idea until Major League Eating's Kevin Ross and a guy known as The Jaws showed up

Free Pizza and Hot Dogs This Weekend

Pay-what-you-like pizza from PizzaRev in K-town and free wieners from West Covina's Dog Haus

International Wieners for National Hot Dog Month at Dog Haus

The local gourmet hot dog chain goes on an Asian tour

4 New Wave Frito Pies in L.A. (and How Drunk You Should be to Eat Them)

These days, the chili might be house-made and the jalapeños house-pickled, but one truth remains: the Frito pie tastes really, really good after a few drinks

IHOP and Dog Haus Want You to Stuff Your Face

Forget diets and cleanses, these two restaurants want to feed you until you fall over.