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The Dodger Stadium Aerial Tram Project Just Took Another Step Forward

Passengers could be gliding through the air instead of sitting in traffic
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An Insider Look at Dodger Stadium with Eric Karros

The Dodger player turned broadcaster talks about what goes on behind-the-scenes of the famous field

High-Tech Cocktail Machines Are Now Dispensing Drinks at Dodger Stadium

Taking a cue from Japan, these taps serve highballs that might be the best you’ve ever had
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Why Dodger Stadium Is One of a Kind

It's more than a ballpark—it's a mid-century modern gem

A Look Back at 60 Years of L.A. Dodgers Baseball

A timeline from their first home game in 1958 to the World Series in 2017

The High Five’s Secret Ties to L.A.

According to one origin story, the slap may have been invented on the grass of Dodger stadium in 1977

This Map of Bars Near Dodger Stadium Is Here for You in Your Time of Need

When Bud Light is like $14 inside the park, pregaming is a must

These Are the Most Spectacular Vistas for Viewing the L.A. Skyline

Hills, parking structures, small boats—here's where to go to see downtown's skyscrapers at their best