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Surfer Wayne Lynch Gets His Due in New Doc

Phenom Wayne Lynch was among the crossover surfers of the 1960s and ‘70s whose talent prompted a revolution in the sport.

Source On The Sunset Strip

Share a slice of mushroom loaf with the happiest cult in America.

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magick: A New Documentary About the Source Family

More than a decade before televangelist Jim Bakker reached the apex of his success, a lesser-known Jim Baker was building one of L.A.’s most enterprising and influential cults.

Documentary: Orphans of the Genocide

Filmmaker Bared Maronian aims to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide by focusing on its youngest victims.

Philip Roth: Unmasked — Not Really

Airing tonight on PBS, "Philip Roth: Unmasked" offers a closer look at Roth and his world of agita and rage, of libido and ego run amok, but the portrait feels far from definitive.

5 Things We Know About Lenny Kravitz (Without Seeing the Documentary About Him)

Musician, singer, and sexy, slithering rock god Lenny Kravtiz is the subject of a new documentary.

Spotlight on Oscar Docs: “How to Survive a Plague”

In the 1990s, Greenwich Village became the epicenter of the AIDS pandemic – and the activists who banded together to fight it, the subject of filmmaker David France's documentary.

Spotlight on Oscar Docs: “The Invisible War”

Documentarian Kirby Dick's latest project, on rape in the military, could take home Best Documentary on Sunday. But a nod from the Academy was hardly Dick's primary objective in making the wrenching film.

Retelling the Story of the Central Park Five

How do you make modern history, with its highlights and dark corners, resonate with younger generations?

Spotlight on Oscar Docs: “Searching for Sugar Man”

In the late 1960's, a second-generation Mexican day laborer named Sixto Díaz Rodriguez released two albums before he was dropped by his label and, ostensibly, dropped off the face of the earth.