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Curtain Call: James Lapine Combs Through Hundreds of Sondheim Songs

But it was all worth it to find the right six tunes for his documentary, Six By Sondheim

Running From Crazy: Mariel Hemingway Explores her Dark Family History in a New Film

The legend of Ernest Hemingway is one of the most hallowed in literary history: a tortured artist whose Faustian genius came at the price of his own sanity.

Who is Cool Disco Dan? A New Documentary Finds Out

In the 1980s, the Washington D.C. area was deluged with the graffiti markings of "Cool Disco Dan" on buses, walls, buildings, and railways.

Documentary “Schooled” Delves into the NCAA’s Lucrative Money Machine

As Americans, college football is in our blood—and our economy. The lucrative—and often mercenary—side of college athletics is explored in 'Schooled: The Price of College Sports.'

Sneak Peek At Disney Imagineering Documentary

Scary pirates, dancing dolls, and robot Lincoln come to life!

Remember Napster? Somebody Cared Enough to Make a Documentary

Director Alex Winter explores how Napster brought the music industry to its knees 13 years ago, and where all of the players are now.

A Different Kind of Bar Exam: The Grueling Test to Become a Master Sommelier

A new documentary, 'Somm,' rolls deep in the world of wine nerds.

Yod & Hair: A Q&A with the Filmmakers of The Source Family

An early-'70s experiment in psychedelic West Coast Utopianism that remarkably did not end in mass suicide.

The Vinyl Weighs a Ton but the Movie is Only 90 Minutes Long

Music meets the big screen in "Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton," a new documentary about Stones Throw Records