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You’re Being Watched, And Don’t You Forget It

Citizenfour may be the most important documentary you see all year but it plays like a spy thriller

Samuel Fuller’s Life Was as Explosive as His Movies

Samantha Fuller makes an unconventional documentary about her fantastically talented dad

The Other UCLA vs. USC Rivalry: Quidditch

There are people playing Quidditch in the real world, and there’s a documentary about them, too

Giving Harmontown’s Dungeon Master his Due

The secret star of the new Dan Harmon documentary isn’t Dan Harmon

The Liberator: 83-Year-Old Record Collector Chris Strachwitz Gets His Own Music Doc

The influential, irascible founder of roots music label Arhoolie Records is the subject of This Ain't No Mouse Music, which opens tonight

When He Wasn’t Working in the ER, Ryan McGarry Was Making a Movie About It

The documentary Code Black, shot at County/USC, shines a light on one of the country’s busiest emergency rooms and a fragile health care system

Q&A: Funnyman Jeff Garlin Steps Behind the Lens to Shoot a Documentary

“At some point I will let people see my photos, but I have great respect for learning an art form. And I’m still learning.”

L.A. on Film: It’s Your Turn

A new project turns average citizens into directors to document the future of our city—all within 24 hours

Four Utopian Societies That Didn’t Pan Out—Including One in Southern California

The documentary "The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden" explores a 80-year-old murder mystery on the Galapagos Islands involving an eccentric baroness, a Nietzschean physician, and captain G. Allan Hancock—the man for whom Hancock Park is named

Curtain Call: What Marvin Hamlisch Did for Love

"Marvin would be in traffic and a car would screech. He would hear the exact note."