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15 Minutes with Kathryn Hahn

It has been an absolutely whirlwind few years for Kathryn Hahn following her breakthrough role as political animal Jennifer Barkley on the beloved comedy series Parks and Recreation. Since...

Disney Quietly Stripped Incoming Florida Gov.-Approved Board of All Power

Newly-appointed members discovered during their first meeting that they were essentially hamstrung, as strategically circumscribed measures had been passed

Disney vs. DeSantis: Gay Rights Summit Now Booked Into Magic Kingdom

”The most magical place on Earth” will team up with Out & Equal to host a diversity-based event that may see 5,000 attendees and piss off the governor

Disney Nixes “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” Song from Parade Amid Controversy

There have been a multitude of recent changes at the Disney parks that visitors have chafed against and conservatives have derided.Most recently, an alteration came to the Magic Happens...

In California Visit, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Mocks Liberal “Woke Mind Virus”

Speaking at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library, the presumed GOP presidential candidate touted his achievements and slammed the left

Disney’s Activist Investor Ends Proxy War For Board Seat

After the restructuring and cost-cutting moves announced by Disney, Nelson Peltz apparently felt his work was done
bob iger running for president

Disney: Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye to 7K Employees

Bob Iger announced the corporate reorganization and demanded $5.5 billion in companywide savings in the House of Mouse Q1 earnings call

Disney Activist Investor Escalates Proxy Battle for Board Seat

Norman Peltz urged shareholders not to vote for Mastercard executive B.G. Forman, whose tenure is up soon

In Photos: Disney Celebrates 100 Years With Three New Attractions

Swelling crowds of revelers are descending on the Anaheim parks this week take in new projection displays and be among the first to experience a new ToonTown ride
bob iger running for president

Disney CEO Bob Iger Nixes Price Increases at Theme Parks

Upon his return as CEO in November, Disney boss Bob Iger was hailed as the same conquering hero from his first go-around running the House of Mouse. But he...