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Disney, Comcast NBCUni, Apple and Sony Back Respect for Marriage Act

The industry players are among 173 companies that signed a letter to senators supporting a federal law to protect same-sex marriage

Florida Man Poses as Disney Employee to Droid-nap R2-D2

Cops say the man grabbed the droid in an attempt to reveal weaknesses in the defense systems of one of the company's top resort facilities

Embattled Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s Contract Renewed

Calling Chapek “the right leader at the right time," the board voted unanimously to keep the CEO around for a while

Disney Promises to Cover Travel for Employee Abortion Care

The Supreme Court and Congress have failed, so Disney and other companies are attempting to do what they can

Bob Chapek’s Cold Firing of Peter Rice Shocked Insiders, Disney Minions

Whether Rice wasn't enough of a collaborator or too much competition for Chapek, industry players are stunned and abuzz with theories

Bob Chapek Took 7 Minutes to Fire Disney Entertainment Boss Peter Rice

Rice was long-rumored to be a top rival to CEO Bob Chapek, and Chapek somehow decided his competitor was ”no longer a fit”

Mouse Trapped: How Disney Became the Latest Casualty in America’s Culture Wars

Disney's new CEO was determined to steer the company away from partisan politics. Instead he's turned it into the unhappiest place on earth.

The Only 5 Takeaways From Disney’s UpFront That Anyone Will Care About

”There’s STILL upfronts?” Our thoughts exactly at LAMag, but its still our duty to report relevant TV news

Disney+ Lays Down Ad Rules: No Politicians, No Competition, No Booze

The upcoming, ad-supported tier of Disney+ won't be allowing just anyone sell their wares on the family-friendly streamer.The Mouse House has "signaled to agencies" that it won't take ads...

Disney Culture War: Mouse is Profit Powerhouse Despite GOP Nonsense

Disney’s strong 2nd quarter reassured investors rattled by Netflix, and should tell conservatives how their own antics are playing