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Dish Hack: Badmaash’s Spiced Lamb Burger

Spice up your burger game with this Indian-fusion favorite

Dish Hack: Huckleberry’s Green Eggs and Ham

We would eat them in a house. We would eat them with a mouse
Pitchoun’s Pan Bagnat

Dish Hack: The Salty Goodness of Pitchoun’s Pan Bagnat

Perfect for a summer dinner or Hollywood Bowl night
street corn

Dish Hack: Gracias Madre’s Grilled Street Corn

This recipe will make any cook the king or queen of kernels

Dish Hack: Canelé’s French Toast with Red Wine-Poached Prunes and Mascarpone

Get ready to be a brunch hero with this incredible recipe

Dish Hack: Osteria La Buca’s Bucatini Carbonara

Because egg yolk makes everything better

Dish Hack: Bouchon’s Steak Frites with Caramelized Shallots and Herb Butter

Because taking the fry out of fries doesn’t hurt a bit
Musso and Frank Grill

How to Make Musso & Frank Grill’s Welsh Rarebit

Because you don't have to be in a 100-year-old dining room to scarf a bowlful of melted cheese

Dish Hack: Chego’s Chubby Pork Belly Bowl

Because Roy Choi doesn't own gochujang-slathered pig fat on rice