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Elon Musk Corrects Trump Tech Stooge Devin Nunes’ Twitter Tall Tale

Musk set the record straight after the CA Rep. turned Trump techno chief claimed they had something to do with his Twitter takeover scheme

Devin Nunes Will Exit Congress to Report for Trump Duty

He announced Monday he will be resigning his seat to take job as CEO of the new Trump Media and Technology Group
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Here’s What the Poll Numbers Are Saying About Key California Races

Recent numbers show narrow leads for Christy Smith and Devin Nunes–and a wide margin for Biden
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Devin Nunes Is Offering a ‘Deep State Russia Hoax’ Puzzle to Raise Loot

The Central Valley congressman has this whole fundraising thing down pat
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Devin Nunes Thinks Canceling the School Year Is ‘Overkill’

The Central Valley congressman wants people to focus on the economy rather than the 'death counters'
devin nunes rudy giuliani lev parnas

Devin Nunes Shares His Fuzzy Recollections of Those Alleged Giuliani and Parnas Calls

Fox host Sean Hannity helped walk the California congressman through call logs dredged up by the impeachment inquiry
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Democrat Phil Arballo Says He Has a Solid Plan to Beat Devin Nunes in 2020

The Fresno-based businessman and political first-timer is taking on the "absentee" incumbent
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Devin Nunes Is Blaming Trump’s Troubles on a “Media Smear Campaign”

The Fresno congressman known for suing parody cows opened the impeachment hearings with a rant about Dems and the media
devin nunes yachts prostitutes cocaine

Devin Nunes Had Nothing to Do With Yachts, Cocaine, or Prostitutes

The Central Valley congressman's suing spree continues unabated
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Devin Nunes Wants to Take His “Mom” and “Cow” to Court Over Tweets About Taints

The Congressman filed a bonkers lawsuit against Twitter and a pair of parody accounts