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Forget Smoothies, Follow Your Workout With Protein-Infused Cupcakes

Brentwood is loving these vegan, no-sugar, gluten-free powerhouses

Just Like You, Beer Loves Ice Cream

You don’t have to wait for the forthcoming Ben & Jerry’s beer to enjoy the divine pairing of ice cream and suds

Churro Borough Makes L.A.’s Wildest Dessert-Mashup Fantasies Come True

Chef Sylvia Yoo’s churro ice cream sandwich shop opens in Los Feliz

Sprinkles’ 10-Year Anniversary Means Free Cupcakes All Day Long on April 13

Every Sprinkles location is participating in the giveaway, and cupcake queen Candace Nelson will celebrate with customers at The Grove

Choose Your Own Adventure on a Sawtelle Japantown Dessert Crawl

From shaved ice to boba to cream puffs to bread pudding to fried dough, this is the place to satisfy your sweet tooth

Grape Expectations at Wally’s Vinoteca

Shop, eat, hang out, linger after midnight, and, of course, drink at this new Beverly Hills emporium

I Can’t Believe They’re Not McDonald’s Fried Apple Pies

The bizarre story of how chef Eric Greenspan got his mitts on an extinct fast food favorite

Have Your Cake, and Eat it for Breakfast, Too

It's National Dessert Day! Here are six desserts to eat for breakfast in L.A.