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The Nevada Dem Debate Had More Viewers Than the Grammys or Globes

Bloomberg's first trip to the debate stage got big ratings
marianne williamson

Marianne Williamson Has Pulled the Plug on Her Presidential Run

The niche candidate from L.A. expressed her "deepest gratitude" to her supporters, who were few and far between
marianne williamson

Marianne Williamson Has Reportedly Canned Her Entire Campaign Staff

But the author isn't pulling the plug on her presidential run (yet)
marianne williamson vaccines

In Case You Were Wondering, Marianne Williamson Isn’t Dropping Out of the Presidential Race

Despite not qualifying for Tuesday's debate, the L.A.-based self-help guru is doubling down on her struggling campaign

Kamala Harris Wants Liz Warren to Call for Trump to Be Booted from Twitter

And she wasn’t the only one at Warren's throat at last night's Democratic debate
kamala harris losing support

Kamala Harris Is Eyeing Iowa to Reverse Her Summer Slump—but Can That Save Her Campaign?

It may take more than a change of venue to pull the California senator out of fourth place and into contention
dem debate winner

The Third Dem Debate: ‘Word Salad,’ Missed Opportunities, and One Historic First

Who won in Houston last night? Depends who you ask
tom steyer democratic debate

You Won’t Be Seeing California Billionaire Tom Steyer in the Next Dem Debate

The deep-pocketed populist known for his anti-Trump TV ads falls short
marianne williamson a course in miracles

In the ’80s, Marianne Williamson Taught a “Course in Miracles” in Los Feliz

A look back at the presidential candidate’s search for the divine at Manly P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society
democratic debate night 2

Who’ll Make It to the Next Round of Dem Debates and Who’s Out?

The second round of Democratic Primary Debates may have been a last hoorah for several presidential hopefuls