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Extreme Heat and Dehydration Killed a Hiker in Malibu on Labor Day

Five other hikers were airlifted to be treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration after they ran out of water

The Complicated Case of the Colorado Street Bridge

Pasadena is struggling to end suicides from the span without diminishing its historic beauty

How to Prepare for Your Mom’s Death (Even if She Isn’t Dying)

L.A. illustrator Hallie Bateman and her mother have created a funny, beautiful guidebook

I Got My Dream Plot in Hollywood Forever Cemetery—Almost

Landing the ideal piece of real estate in L.A. can be complicated—even when it's in a graveyard

After They Die, These People’s Bodies Will Become Part of a Museum Exhibit

Meet the Angelenos donating their corpses to be posed and plastinated for Body Worlds

The Dinner Party Is a Meet-up for Millenials In Mourning

What could be a downer is instead a modern, affirming take on life after loss

Stone Temple Pilots Frontman Scott Weiland Has Died

The singer, 48, was found on his tour bus

Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

He was the proverbial actor’s actor who somehow always successfully concealed the flashy mechanisms of acting

Roger Richman, Agent for Dead Celebrities, Dies At 69

He epresented Marilyn Monroe and other golden age stars

R.I.P. Roger Ebert: A Remembrance

His tastes were broad and deep, thoughtful and genuine, bridging high and low without a hint of posturing.