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Fifty Seven

If the first go-round with Eleven Madison Park alum David Nayfeld is any indication, the restaurant could be one of L.A.’s best

This Just In: Fifty Seven Serves On March 27 With David Nayfeld in the Kitchen

This is restaurateur Beau Laughlin's first foray into fine dining

Eek! David Nayfeld’s Culinary Version of Nails on a Chalkboard

Nayfeld is the first chef in rotation who will lead the soon-to-open Fifty Seven in downtown's Arts District

Downtown L.A. Getting Four New Hot Spots, Including Ebanos Crossing

Looking ahead to Orsa & Winston, Sushi Zo, and a new spot from the guys behind The Churchill.

Chef David Nayfeld is in Town, and Don’t You Forget It

This New Yorker has some tricks up his chef coat sleeves.