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Revisiting the Los Angeles of David Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Drive’ 20 Years Later

From the diner with the dumpster to Club Silencio, a look at Lynch's most L.A. movie—then and now
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Maybe We Should Take David Lynch’s Thoughts on Trump with a Grain of Salt

The director’s solipsistic approach to life and art is hardly compatible with civic engagement

5 Things To Do This Weekend That Will Make Your Life More Interesting

From a pop-up street art gallery to tiny house workshop at the Craft and Folk Art Museum

14 Stellar Ways To Spend Your Weekend, 10/6

Get into the swing of Oktoberfest, catch a Monty Python screening at the Getty Villa, and more

David Lynch Has a Music Festival, and You May Now Lose Your Mind

Lynch is bringing the Festival of Disruption to the Theater at the Ace Hotel in October

David Lynch Pulls Out of New Twin Peaks Season

The director announced yesterday that he will not be involved with the planned new season of the iconic show

Kyle MacLachlan Will Appear in New Twin Peaks Season

Pour yourself a damn good cup of coffee. Showtime has announced that Kyle MacLachlan will return to Twin Peaks as Agent Dale Cooper in 2016

The Essential Movie Library #101: Nightdreams (1981)

This erotic horror film features a pair of scientists who conduct an experiment on a sleeping woman, using electric jolts to induce sexual dreams

The Short Stack: The Los Angeles Week in Review, 10/6/14 – 10/10/14

A news and culture roundup made to order