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‘Game of Thrones’ Duo Benioff and Weiss Ditch the Star Wars Universe

Lucasfilm awaits a time when the writing team can "step away from their busy schedule to focus on Star Wars”
Game of Thrones

5 Ways to Cope With Last Night’s Game of Thrones Season Finale

"Mother's Mercy" left us devastated. Here's how to deal

Game of Thrones Watch: What to Expect From The First Season 5 Trailer

The first trailer for the new Game of Thrones season will drop any day now. Here’s what to expect from the pre-season’s biggest event

5 Things I Learned About “Game of Thrones” from the Show’s Writers

Geeking out on "Game of Thrones," the show that did for high fantasy what "Deadwood" did for Westerns, "The Wire" did for cop shows, and "The Sopranos" did for gangster dramas.