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Ultra-Christians Declare Danny DeVito Cartoon a ‘Satanic Revolution’

Some on the religious right think DeVito is not a gruff-but-lovable character actor, but rather a herald of Apocalypse
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From the Cuckoo’s Nest to a Philly Bar, Danny DeVito Is Still Living Large

The beloved actor, 75, cracks wise about quarantine cocktails, watching basketball with Jack Nicholson, and playing a sassy mutt in Disney+'s new 'The One and Only Ivan'

Snap Chat with a Paparazzo

Rick Mendoza gets around in his job as a “candid celebrity street photographer.” Here, some of his handiwork, with backstory

Lucy Liu

The New York native and costar of CBS’s Elementary on leaving Tribeca, loving Hollywood, and spending the holidays with the DeVitos

The Sunshine Boys

Opening night turned into a Taxi reunion. Where were you Tony Danza?