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Step Backstage at the Oscars

For 15 years Art Streiber has taken his camera behind the scenes at the movie industry’s most exclusive party: the Academy Awards

The Essential Movie Library #85: The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

When the most powerful moment of redemptive heroism is given not to Day-Lewis’s Hawkeye, but the guy you’ve loathed the previous 90 minutes

Hollywood’s Public Therapy Session: The Screen Actors Guild Awards

Dick Van Dyke gets two standing o's (onstage and backstage) at the SAG Awards.

Your 2013 Golden Globes Talking Points

Here are five memorable moments from last night's telecast, so you'll at least know why you're dabbing a fake tear from your eye or pretending to laugh. (Full list of winners at the end of the post.)

Some Firsts At The Critics’ Choice Awards

The Broadcast Critics may not be the smoothest cats in town, but their award show is never dull.

There Will Be Blood

The mythology surrounding Lincoln often dooms the actors who portray him. Then there’s Daniel Day-Lewis