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Wrestler “The Miz” Has Harsh Words For New WWE Star Logan Paul

”You think that you can do it on your own, but you can’t,” the YouTube personality’s former tag team partner said to him
sean spicer dancing with the stars

Did Sean Spicer Troll the World with Jesus Talk After ‘DWTS’ Debut?

The former White House press secretary appeared to invoke #Christ to send a message to #Hollywood
sean spicer dwts

The Backlash Against Sean Spicer’s ‘DWTS’ Casting Reaches a Fever Pitch

People who liked laughing at the former Press Secretary aren't necessarily ready to cheer for him
katelyn ohashi dancing with the stars

Katelyn Ohashi’s Gymnastics Career Is Over—but She’s Just Getting Started

The viral sensation says she has her eye on a certain Mirrorball Trophy

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Irwin, Including One Insane Crocodile Escape

Ten years after the Crocodile Hunter's death, Irwin's family and best mates shared tales from his life at the inaugural Steve Irwin Gala

Celebrate Halloween with Some Hot Ballroom Dancing

Live out your Dancing With the Stars dreams this weekend at the Hollywood DanceSport Championships

Dance on TV Gets its “Chorus Line” Moment

Dance on television makes history as the choreography Emmy is presented during the primetime telecast. We briefly consider its past.