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Rocket Man: A Q&A With Space Shuttle Photographer Dan Winters

Dan Winters, whose photographs of Endeavour appear in the October issue of Los Angeles magazine and in Last Launch, his soon-to-be-released photo tribute to America’s space shuttle program, tells us how he captured such detailed shots of the engineering feat in motion:

The Final Frontier

Lifting off with space shuttle Endeavour
Warner Bros. Studio

The Dream Factory

Peek inside the Warner Bros. Studio lot with deputy editor Nancy Miller

A Postscript Q&A: The Dream Factory

What did you think when I called you with this assignment?
I thought it was just such a great opportunity. I've been on a lot of lots and I've shot on a lot of stages, but the idea of pointing the camera at the thing rather someone that's inside it—in other words, making the location the character and presenting it more from a blue collar perspective was new. For me, that was kind of magical.