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Curtain Call: Barry Humphries Bids Dame Edna Farewell

Prior to tonight’s premiere of Dame Edna’s Glorious Goodbye, Dame Edna creator Barry Humphries refutes last week’s allegations of embezzlement made by his alter ego

Dame Edna’s Glorious Goodbye

Long before RuPaul ruled the drag world, Dame Edna was queen of the scene.

10 Ways to Have a Blast in L.A. This Weekend

From classic '80s pop and drag royalty to tango and a deadly ménage à trois

Dame Edna’s Last Hurrah

Australian comedian Barry Humphries’ larger-than-life alter ego Dame Edna is currently on her farewell tour. We spoke to the 80-year-old entertainer about her love of L.A., her embezzling manager, and how she got on Ally McBeal