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Hallelujah… Dominican Take-Out is Back in West L.A.

Dominican chef Ilonka Garcia returns to West L.A., offering some of the best Caribbean food in town... in a place you'd least expect it.

Cracklin-sanity: Rinds Are All the Rage in 2013

Fried skin is in this year! Eddie Lin is on the hunt, and thinks we'll see it pop up on more and more menus around town.

10 New Year’s Day Hair-of-the-Dog Brunches

Because we'll ALL be hungover on New Year's Day, we've found 10 brunches around town to help snap us out of it.

Stop Asking Me: Vegetarian & Vegan Tamales

This column is where Dine Editor Lesley Bargar Suter usually shares her restaurant recommendations that she gives to inquiring friends and/or coworkers. But today, I’m hijacking it, and making...

And Now Jonathan Gold Is Acting

The Pulitzer Prize winning food critic will hit the Kirk Douglas Theater stage in "A Christmas Carol: Twist Your Dickens!"

Della Gossett Named as New Wolfgang Puck Pastry Chef

Sherry Yard bids adieu to Spago to re-open Helms Bakery in Culver City, and former Charlie Trotter's pastry chef Della Gossett is named as her replacement.
Downtown Culver City

Helms Bakery to Re-Open in Culver City Next Year

Sherry Yard and Sang Yoon team up to reopen the landmark Helms Bakery in fall 2013. Treats from the menu will be available to try at Father's Office 2.0 in January.

Cantinho Brasileiro Helps Culver City’s Camaguey Meat Market Rise Again

Tucked in the back of the pan-Latino Camaguey Meat Market in Culver City, there once stood a little restaurant called Cocina del Camaguey, run by Dominican chef Ilonka Garcia.